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Providing Mobile Marine Electrical and Mechanical Repair Services for Over 30 Years

Mobile Marine Repairs, Welding Services, and Fuel Polishing in NJ

When You Choose Our Company's Mobile Marine Repair Services

We take pride and are passionate about getting the job done right. Make sure your boat is running to its potential with our expert marine repair, diesel repair and electrical repair services in New Jersey.

Mid Coast Marine has been providing quality service for over thirty years to the largest diesel ships and smallest sailing vessels. Additionally, we offer a variety of products and services for boat owners. Trust the marine specialists!

Products and Services for Boat Owners

We offer a wide range of services covering everything from boat and yacht repairs to marine AC replacement and boating knowledge. Our marine mechanics and electricians provide superb installation and repair services while our expert divers offer marine welding services and repairs in the water. Our marine specialists can help with boat handling instructions and can identify needed equipment and supplies. Additionally, Mid Coast Marine offers captain services, sea trials, maintenance instruction, and machine shop services.

Yacht with Completed Fuel Polishing Services in New Jersey

Offering mobile Marine electrical repair, Marine Air Conditioning repairs, sales, & installations, Boat Electrical Repair, Marine Repair & Boat Engine Repair. 24/7 emergency service 1-888-385-3383.

Marine Generator, Air Condition, Refrigeration, Plumbing, Electronics, and Electrical Repair Services.